Traditional hand crafted Native American Dream Catchers.
        Antler Dreamcatcher
Made with real antlers, senew, pheasent
& turkey feathers, semi precious stones
and comes with a small booklet that
explains the dreamcatcher ledgend
and the meaning of all that was used
to make it.
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Price of a Antler Dreamcatcher like the
six tined one pictured above :
$150.00 to $180.00 depending upon
the Shed Antler market.
{See explaination on shed antlers below}
Larger tied Antler Dreamcatchers will
cost more...smaller ones (like pictured
here: )                        will cost between
                               $125.00 to $150.00
I use shed Antlers that I buy from Deer farms to make the  
Antler Dreamcatchers that are bound together like the Six Tine
one pictured above.

Antlers are bought and sold by the pound and by the grade.
Grade refers to the age of the antler (which is the amount of
time it was lying on the ground after being shed). Antlers are
classified as Grade 1, 2, or 3.

Grade 1 antlers are the ones most recently shed. They still
have a hard, shiny surface with no surface cracking. May
have small natural damage.

Grade 2 antlers are a little older and have developed some
surface cracks on the side that was exposed to the sun.

Grade 3 antlers are the oldest with surface cracking on both
sides of the antler. ( White chalky, badly chewed or damaged.)

Average prices for antlers, sold by the pound, have increased
tremendously over the years. Depending upon the market...
sheds will sell for between $9.00 to $20.00 per pound with
Grade 3 antlers being the lower priced antlers.
Prices will vary as the market does. In general the above
prices per pound are for Whitetail Deer. Other deer antlers
will be more depending upon the type of deer.
                         Antler Dreamcatcher Mounts
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Antler Dreamcatcher Mounts such as the ones shown above
{with skull cap} can be supplied or I can make one from your
set of antlers if you have a skull cap mount that you'd like
turned into an unique piece of art to display in your home
instead of traditional mounts. Please contact me for
information on sending your skull cap mount to me to turn
into an Antler Dreamcatcher mount.
The two pictures on the right are a commission. The hunter
wanted the top mount turned into a Dreamcatcher mount but
the Antler spread was too oblong and uneven to weave a
Dreamcatcher in. So he supplied me with another set of
set of Antlers from a deer his son took for me to weave the  
Dreamcatcher in. If the mounts are fairly round and even
like the 10 pointer in the picture on the left...there will be no
problem weaving a dreamcatcher into it. Skull caps will be  
covered with real fur and mounted if wished upon wood of
your choice. The wood can be sliced such as in the 10 pointer
pictured in the left picture or it could be mounted on a
vertically sliced piece of wood with bark so it looks like it's on
a tree.  I've done one that way before but unfortunately can't
find the picture of it.
If I supply the skull cap mount for the dreamcatcher it will be
of a quality taxidermy mount ...the cost of which ...
fully completed would be:  
(depending upon what's available from the supply house)  
For an 8 pointer -  between $300.00 to $450.00.
For a 10 pointer -  between $450.00 to $600.00.
For 12 pointers and up - $600.00 and up.
If you supply the mount...I charge $30.00 an hour with a
cap of $210.00.
On all Antler Dreamcatchers you can choose the semi precious
stones to have woven into it. Stone carved animal totems can
be placed into the center of the dreamcatcher if requested.
Stones have particular meanings if you have a specific
stone you wished used...please let me know and I will get it
for your piece.
               Wood Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers made with wood can be
made in a variety of sizes. They are made
the same way as the Antler Dreamcatchers
with all natural supplies and your choice
of semi-precious stones. Ones with stone or
wood carved totem animals in the centers
will be $5.00 more.
Small (like what can be hung from a rear
view mirror in car or truck): $20.00
Medium (between 6 to 8 inches): $55.00
Large (between 9 to 11 inches): $75.00
X-Large ( 12 inches ): $95.00
XX-Large (13 inches and up): $100.00 & up.
Please email me here: if you'd like one of
these Dreamcatchers hand crafted for you. We can discuss what
semi-precious stones, totems, and such and I can give you a time
frame of how long it will take to complete. Payment method can be a
check, money order or Paypal. I do not mass produce these
Dreamcatchers and do not keep them in stock. Each one is hand
crafted for each individual client. Only after I have discussed with the
client there personal tastes will I begin work on a Dreamcatcher.
             Dreamcatcher Necklace
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                   Price: $95.00
{Please contact me to discuss semi-precious
                 stones you'd like used}